Shaldon Optimists

We’re normally pretty lucky with the weather at Shaldon. I recall one evening when the wind was whipping down the Teign and I was glad of my keeping gloves, but most of our days at Hazeldown have been glorious.

Sunday started under sunny skies but the mood overhead soon changed. The Met Office told us that the overcast morning would turn into a rainy afternoon, and prospects didn’t look promising as we took the field. By the time the rain came 45 minutes in Shaldon were on 52-2. Opening bowlers Aaron and Dion had taken the wickets, both bowled, after Jules had almost held on to a sharp drive at midwicket from the first ball of the innings.

Red Rock Brewery, including a rather nice blueberry beer called ‘COYO’ (‘Come On You Optimists’). The rain looked set and it looked safe enough for me to enjoy myself a bit. The Optimists brought out a fantastic spread for tea, and we thought that would pretty much be that. I ordered another beer.

our first game with them in 2008 and lost them all. The return fixture is at Babbacombe on 22nd July – surely we’re overdue a win?