Crickety Spice

In this long and frustrating season, there has been one really, really great bit of news. The Cavaliers have their first ever sponsors!

Way back at the start of the season – that must be, what, six games ago? – we took our club bats out and realised with horror that they were virtually unusable. Over the winter they had dried out so much they were pretty much only good for lighting barbecues with. With the season just a week away, this presented a considerable problem.

Fortunately we have some friends who run a great little business called MySpiceUK. When I say ‘little’ I don’t mean that in any derogatory sense: they are a small, local business who are really passionate about what they do. They source various spices from round the world (their list of spices seems to grow almost weekly) and they do it in a way that is good for the producer and consumer alike. Their products are hand-selected and prepared so you’re guaranteed a great-tasting product, and they work to build sustainable relationships with their suppliers so that you also know that the supplier is getting a fair price.

And they are such lovely people that when they heard about our bat problems, they stepped in and bought us some new ones:

There’s only one downside to this, of course. As you can see, we’ve got their web address and logo on the bat so that while we’re batting, they get a little thanks and kudos. Chalky, being a proper curry connoisseur, is particularly proud of the club association:

Unfortunately, we don’t usually end up batting for very long, so the ad time is often quite short. Take it away once again, Mr Chalk:

We’re heinously late in saying this, but we’re incredibly grateful to our friends at MySpice for their support. They deliver free across Torbay and the South Hams and you can also buy through the internet, so what are you waiting for? They certainly made us happy: