Shaldon Optimists

Our Favourite Opposition Team © came to Babbacombe for the first of our three matches this season. As ever, it was a fun and sporting game, although it finished just a bit closer than we might have expected with a few overs to go.

Skipper for the day Chris won the toss and chose to field, and sharing the new ball with Kev did a good job of keeping the run rate slow. After four overs both batsmen retired, and the new batsmen got stuck in to Kev and Si before each took an expensive wicket. Shaldon were quickly 47-2 off just 6.3 overs, and our bowlers desperately needed some inspiration. The score kept ratting along until Mick came on and at last gave us some control, bowling his usual tidy line and length and deservedly getting a wicket (caught by James at midwicket) with the score on 71-3. After Todd Ballman retired he took another wicket, another good catch this time by Chrisbob, and after more good catches by man-of-the-match Mick and Chris Shaldon declared on 99-8.

After two fifties from our top two last year, we had high hopes of chasing 100 down. However, after an early mix-up that almost resulted in a run-out, I was out for three getting yet another leading edge. Chrisbob (10) and Aaron (20*)decided to dig in a bit and took some time to get their eyes in, and although they both batted well there was a slight concern that we were getting behind the run rate. Aaron retired and Chrisbob was bowled either side of the end of the tenth over, bringing Chalky and Nick to the crease. Both played very reserved and almost circumspect – in the face of some good bowling, it has to be said – but the overs were passing us by and their ducks took up 20 balls between them. By the time Chalky was out, we had used almost 14 overs and we not quite halfway to our target, the game virtually lost. Mick went out on the counter-attack and hit 12 from 11 balls, and after he was out Chris came to the crease with 37 required off 21 balls. He was tremendous, hammering 22 from 14 balls and took us to within sight of victory. We still needed 14 off the last over and after hitting a mighty four Chris was only out caught on the boundary when it could have been a six. Had it carried, we’d have needed 4 from 4 and would have suddenly become favourites. As it was James and Si could only manage four of the ten runs left and we lost by just five runs.

Again a great game, and hopefully we’ll have the chance to avenge our latest defeat later in the year.

Cavendish Cavaliers CC v Shaldon Optimists CC
Thursday, May 31 2012
Shaldon Optimists CC Friendly Won By 5 runs
Shaldon Optimists CC Friendly won toss and decided to bat
Shaldon Optimists CC FriendlyCavendish Cavaliers CC Friendly XI
99 for 7 dec(18.0 overs)94 for 8 (20.0 overs)
Shaldon Optimists CC Friendly
P Simpsonretired, not out10161062.50
P Waggettretired, not out781087.50
Prestonb S Cahill11701157.14
R Abrahamb K Johns8720114.29
J Gallagherc J Ryderb M Hinton13171076.47
T Ballmanretired, not out141420100.00
A Paynec C Allenb M Hinton05000.00
J Wilcoxc M Hintonb D Barlow4110036.36
S Davisc C Hubbardb B Plumb290022.22
C Whiteheadnot out121120109.09
G Ballman*+not out02000.00
Extras0nb 16w 1lb 1b 0pen 18
Total99 for 7 dec(18.0 overs)
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
P Simpson*0-2323P Simpson(10) P Waggett(7)4.0
P Waggett*0-230P Waggett(0) Preston(0)4.0
R Abraham1-3411R Abraham(8) Preston(2)5.3
Preston2-4713Preston(9) J Gallagher(3)6.6
J Gallagher3-7124J Gallagher(10) T Ballman(9)10.6
T Ballman*3-787T Ballman(5) A Payne(0)12.0
A Payne4-780A Payne(0) J Wilcox(0)12.2
S Davis5-857S Davis(2) J Wilcox(3)15.2
J Wilcox6-894J Wilcox(1) C Whitehead(3)16.1
G Ballman7-890G Ballman(0) C Whitehead(0)16.4
C Hubbard3.001303 (3)0 (0)0.004.33
K Johns3.002214 (4)0 (0)22.007.33
S Cahill2.001710 (0)0 (0)12.008.50
J Ryder3.001604 (4)0 (0)0.005.33
M Hinton3.001323 (3)0 (0)10.504.33
D Barlow2.00611 (1)0 (0)12.003.00
B Plumb2.001011 (1)0 (0)13.005.00
Cavendish Cavaliers CC Friendly XI
R Blagden*+c P Simpsonb S Davis340075.00
A Bowdenretired, not out20354057.14
C Allenb R Abraham10222045.45
I Chalkstb A Payne09000.00
N Harrisonb Preston011000.00
M Hintonb P Simpson131210108.33
D Barlowstb C Whitehead280025.00
B Plumbb C Whitehead02000.00
C Hubbardc J Gallagherb G Ballman221440157.14
S Cahillnot out240050.00
J Rydernot out1100100.00
Extras2nb 13w 0lb 6b 0pen 21
Total94 for 8 (20.0 overs)
BatsmanFall of WicketPartnershipBatsmenOver
R Blagden1-33R Blagden(3) A Bowden(0)1.3
A Bowden*1-4037A Bowden(20) C Allen(10)9.6
C Allen2-400C Allen(0) I Chalk(0)10.1
N Harrison3-433N Harrison(0) I Chalk(0)12.4
I Chalk4-496I Chalk(0) M Hinton(4)13.3
D Barlow5-5910D Barlow(2) M Hinton(5)15.6
M Hinton6-634M Hinton(4) B Plumb(0)16.3
B Plumb7-7310B Plumb(0) C Hubbard(9)17.6
C Hubbard8-9017C Hubbard(13) S Cahill(2)19.4
J Gallagher2.01100 (0)0 (0)0.000.50
S Davis2.001110 (0)0 (0)12.005.50
J Wilcox2.001103 (3)0 (0)0.005.50
P Waggett2.011100 (0)0 (0)0.005.50
R Abraham2.00412 (2)2 (2)16.002.00
T Ballman2.00200 (0)0 (0)0.001.00
A Payne2.01111 (1)0 (0)13.000.50
Preston2.001812 (2)0 (0)14.009.00
P Simpson2.00810 (0)0 (0)12.004.00
C Whitehead2.001422 (2)0 (0)7.007.00
G Ballman1.00713 (3)0 (0)9.007.00