Yuvraj Singh

Please forgive my sentimentalism.

Yuvraj Singh is my hero.

He was man of the tournament in last years World Cup, hitting the winning runs in the final to, in his words, ‘win it for Sachin’. Injury and loss of form saw him in and out of the India side through the summer, before he was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer.

For the last three months he has been undergoing chemotherapy, taking strength and inspiration from Lance Armstrong. He has now returned to India and is hoping to be playing cricket again in a few months.

Not everyone who suffers from such illnesses recover. I’m sure we all know people that haven’t and it is a sad thing to witness. One of the real wonders of modern science is the miracle that takes place every time someone does recover, every time someone manages to do something they feared they might never do again.

I’m hoping that during England’s tour of India Yuvraj Singh will take to the field, to rapturous applause from both the home support and the barmy army. I’m sure not even the most ardent England fan would begrudge him a good performance.

Because it’s not really about Yuvraj. It’s not really about cricket. It’s about everyone who has ever done something they never thought they’d do again and all the people that don’t get to. It’s about the personal heroes we all have.