One thing the Cavaliers occasionally receieve comments about is our hair, and in a sense it does sometimes depend on which team turns up. On the one hand we have the bald-as-coots like me and Karl, and the close crops of Meds, Mick and AB. At the other end of the spectrum we have the long-haired hippies like Kev and Si. Cricketers being a conservatively-haired bunch, barely a game goes past without someone’s hair causing comment.

It hasn’t until recently, with the addition of billy-goats Jon and Chris, that we’ve sprouted much unusual facial hair, but that seems set to change as the Cavaliers get ready for Movember 2012.

If you haven’t heard of Movember, it’s a charity with an unusual tick. Whereas many charities ask their supporters to wear a ribbon or coloured badge to help promote their cause, Movember is different. ‘Mo Bros’ start the month of November clean-shaven and grow their moustache through the month to raise money and awareness of men’s health – particularly cancers such as prostate or testicular cancer. It’s a noble and fun cause with a serious aim, and one that deserves your support.

I took part last year and had modest success: a reasonably thick, luxuriant ‘tache that went a bit ginger in the sun: