Best Ever Performances

I’ve written quite a clever algorithm to analyse the stats of everybody’s performances and weight them to take account of the quality of the opposition. Before it goes online, though, I’m keen to find out what you guys think. What were the best Cavaliers performances ever?

A few of the less-obvious ones that spring into my mind are James’s terrific bowling against Mark Park Larkers last year, when he really led the bowling against a very strong side and took 3-73 off 14 – 14! – overs. Any of Si’s big innings are pretty special, particularly from the boundary, with the innings against Palm FM in 2009 perhaps being the highlight. And as a captain, Chris’s bowling against Shaldon – his first two wickets – and Dion’s wholehearted all-round performance against Woodbury saw both mature suddenly and brilliantly.

What are your favourite Cavaliers performances, and are there any you’d rather forget?


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