Ashburton had the better of a game that was sadly cut short by an injury to Karl Wilcockson, which left players on both sides visibly shaken and Karl himself in Torbay Hospital.

A Cavaliers side featuring no less than four debutants took to the field and really struggled against an aggressive Ashburton batting line-up. There was an early breakthrough for Matt Passmore, who actually broke a bail in bowling Mark Priddle, but everyone else really struggled to get any control and Ashburton cheerfully went along at eleven an over. Pete managed to bowl Harvey for 40 but with wickets in hand Ashburton really stood on the gas.

Then Chip got a trademark off-spinner to grip and induced an edge, and Karl ran in from fine leg and took an outstanding diving catch.

Before he had even hit the ground, though, it was clear that he was in some pain. By the time I got to him from behind the stumps, blood was soaking through his trousers. In diving, he’d caught his knee on a metal cover on the corner of the square, which none of us had noticed. The corner of the cover had essentially ripped through his knee, and it was cut right through to the cartilage. There was even a bit of kneecap peeking over the top of the skin. It was not only game over, but also season over for Karl, who didn’t get out of hospital for another 48 hours.

Thumbnail of Karl's injury, reduced in size for the squeamish among you. Click on it to see it full-size. Go on. You know you want to.

Obviously we wish our most enthusiastic player a speedy recovery, and hope to see him back out on the pitch where he belongs before too long.