Team Selection 2010 Style

There’s just 13 days to go until our first game, so it’s time for to start getting organised for the season ahead.

Last season, it was a real nightmare trying to work out who was playing and who wasn’t. The problem is that there are almost too many ways to let me know if you’re playing – telling me at work, telling someone else to tell me, email, Facebook, Twitter, text messages, telling me at the end of the last game, turning up at the game unexpectedly. I can’t keep track of it all easily, and this year with a bigger core of regulars and a few keen non-members, it could get really messy. It also costs me a packet in texts and calls when people don’t reply.

So here’s how it’s going to work in 2010:

A week or ten days before the game, I’ll send an email out giving details of the game and asking who of the members wants to play. (I’ll also text the likes of Bryan and Whaley who aren’t on the email group). Reply to that email. Even if you’ve told me at work that you’re coming. Even if you’ve accepted the invite to it on Facebook. Even if you’re usually really tardy about stuff like that. If you don’t, I’ll assume you’re unavailable.

I’ll give it a day or two for everyone to reply, then will put together what I can of an XI from the replies. I can then get in touch with enough occasionals and non-members to fill out the team. If you reply late or not at all and I’ve got an XI together without you, I’m afraid you’ll be 12th man.

Obviously I can be a bit flexible if you go on holiday or something, but for the most part I’ll be working out teams by this method. Hopefully we’ll settle into having a regular team and if so it will be less of an issue, but to start with I need to be uber-organised because it was such a hassle last year.