End of Season Awards 2009

There was a great turn-out for the Cavaliers’ end-of-season awards dinner, held at the Cavendish Hotel (where else) on Friday 2nd October.

The awards were kicked off with a series of mini-awards produced by Si Cahill, commemorating some of the most memorable moments of the 2009 season, ranging from Catch of the Year (Chris Hubbard’s one-handed pluck on the boundary against Budleigh Salterton) through Hosts of the Year (Shaldon, of course) to Worst Off-field Injury (Ed’s ball in the face before the Palm FM game).

We then watched the Cavaliers highlights video put together by yours truly:

And then it was time for the awards…

Clubperson of the Year

A highly competitive award, this, with nominations going to Elaine Garland (treasurer and top supporter), me (for website design and fixtures), the ‘WAFs’ (Wives and Fiancees for coming along and watching us and driving us home from the pub), the Tea Ladies (particularly Sarah and Vicky), and James, Si and Kev for their help in umpiring and scoring.

The winner, however, was introduced by video:

Champagne Moment

The Champagne Moment was definitely the win over DOE – the moments just after the winning stumping will live long in the memories of everyone who was there.

We only had one bottle of champagne Cava, though, and Chalky’s 50 against Budleigh Salterton just pipped Jonathan’s 4-12 in the game against CLS to the award.

Newcomer of the Year

Another very close call, with a number of people running very close:
Chris Lennox, who hit the first ball he ever faced for six; Sam Hollis, who started to look good batting high in the order; Jonathan Mark for his excellent leggies; and Ben Stone, who bowled and batted with real aggression.

The winner, though, was Chris Hubbard, who we all thought was tremendously unlucky not to get a wicket in his début season and looks a great opening bowling prospect for next year.

Most Improved Player

Again, this one was very close, with any of eight or nine players up for the gong. Kev certainly had a strong case with much-improved bowling and a few runs down the order, as did Sam Hollis who got better as he settled into the game.

Charles Ryder was the worthy winner. Starting the season without really knowing his role in the team, by the end of the season he looked confident at the crease, but it was his bowling that really won him the award. The Cavaliers are fortunate to now have three spinners who look like taking wickets every time they came on.

Bowler of the Year

Three stand-out candidates, and there was barely a fag-paper between them. Si Cahill was always reliable and took wickets in just about every spell he bowled, and Kev was accurate, swung the ball regularly and ended the season with nine wickets. The winner was Jonathan Mark – always in the wickets, bowler of the ball that defeated DOE Cavaliers, and with 4-12 against CLS etching his name on the award. Ten wickets at 13.4 meant he was difficult to overlook.

Batsman of the Year

Nominations in this category went to Ian Chalk for a string of impressive performances and that 50, and also to Karl Wilcockson who was reliable and aggressive throughout the season. The winner by a landslide was yours truly – 306 runs at an average of 18 and significant knocks in all three wins ensuring there would be only one winner.

Player of the Year

The nominations went to Si Cahill, for 14 wickets and some hard-fought runs as well as being our most reliable fielder; Karl Wilcockson for excellence with bat, ball and gloves; myself for consistently scoring runs and some decent (if inconsistent) wicketkeeping; and Jonathan Mark for his bowling and terrific fielding at backward point.

Si’s all-round performances made him the worthy winner for the second year running.

Photos from the evening can be found in the Photos section of the site.

Then we all went and got pissed in the Old Mill. A great night.