Shaldon Optimists

Still working on this! Rich

Shaldon again? Good grief. You’d think the Cavaliers enjoyed playing there or something.

And we do.

‘They made us feel very welcome’ can mean lots of things.

It can, for example, mean that when you arrived there was a whole bunch of smiling people waiting for you at the club who shook your hands and then proceeded to cart you all over the part.

It can also mean that the tea was lovely and you had a great chat with their opening bowler just before he blew away your top order for three runs.

It can also mean that they got what you were all about and did their best to make sure you had a cracking day. Maybe they picked a mixed team that was closer to your level of ability than their usual friendly XI might be. Maybe they politely no-balled themselves when they got your batsmen out first ball. Maybe they retired gracefully when they looked in danger of scoring too many runs. Maybe they laid on food for you at the pub afterwards and didn’t mind when all your lads had to run off for a dinner appointment.

Shaldon do us a proper welcome every time. From that first game when we had the fly-over, a guard of honour onto the pitch and a first Cavaliers run for Grandad, they’ve been proper hosts time after time.

The latest visit got off to something of a dodgy start, as a sudden gust of wind through the clubhouse banged the tearoom windows shut, flinging two freshly-made (and unmilked) cups of tea over Kev’s back:

The results of the tea-flying incident before the match

The results of the tea-flying incident before the match

I’ve never heard swearing like it in my entire life – a kind of ‘FUFUFUFUFUFU…’ where the pain was so great that that it required many swearwords to tumble out at once.

Shaldon Optimists

Ross Abraham retired 16
Rob Larkman retired 16
Dillon Attwood retired 10
James Attwood c&b Cahill 12
Jamie Croft c Bennett b C Ryder 11
Jack Gallagher c&ampb Bennett 8
Todd Ballman retired 12
Reece Lakeman run out 1
Chas Woolnough not out 28
Glynn Ballman not out 8
Extras   16
TOTAL   138 for 8 (20 overs)


  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Economy
C Hubbard 4 0 23 0 N/A 5.75
K Johns 4 0 33 0 N/A 8.25
J Mark 4 0 26 0 N/A 6.50
S Cahill 3 0 9 1 9.00 3.00
C Ryder 3 1 31 1 31.00 10.33
B Bennett 1 0 5 1 5.00 5.00
K Wilcockson 1 0 3 0 N/A 3.00

Cavendish Cavaliers

Rich Blagden b Larkman 23
Charles Ryder c Lakeman b Attwood 5
Ian Chalk c Attwood b Lakeman 7
K Wilcockson run out 24
Richard Hanniford b J Gallagher 4
Ben Bennett st Atwood b Ballman 36
Chris Hubbard b Larkman 0
Si Cahill b T Ballman 2
Jonathan Mark b T Ballman 0
Kevin Johns not out 2
Extras   10
TOTAL   113 all out (19.0 overs)


  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets Average Economy
J Croft 3 0 17 0 N/A 5.67
R Abraham 2 0 8 0 N/A 4.00
J Attwood 2 0 9 1 9.00 4.50
J Gallagher 2 0 12 1 12.00 6.00
R Lakeman 2 0 12 1 12.00 6.00
R Larkman 2 0 7 2 3.50 3.50
T Ballman 2 0 4 2 2.00 2.00
C Woolmough 2 0 18 0 N/A 9.00
G Ballman 2 0 20 1 20.00 10.00