New, crap title

I discovered the other week that Torquay United’s captain, Chris Hargreaves, also has a blog called ‘Captain’s Blog‘. This clearly means both Chris and I are deeply unoriginal, and not half as witty as we thought. Sorry, Chris.

In a small fit of egomania, I have therefore re-titled this blog, partly in tribute to Jonathan Agnew and partly in homage to my grammar school upbringing. And in a slightly larger fit of egomania, I’m also telling the world about it. Well, perhaps not the world. Perhaps just Kev. Who knows?


New, crap title — 1 Comment

  1. I have to say that for a debut, although Ben was out second ball, he more than made up for that disappointment in his sheer fielding ability. He wouldn’t let a ball get past him and the state of his white will pay testament to that. Even Daz cant get those mud stains out!!!