Interview with Palm FM

Tomorrow we’re playing Palm FM, and as part of the big build-up Ben Moseby, Palm FM’s captain, interviewed me live on their breakfast show!

You can listen to the interview here!

Here’s a full transcript of our chat.

BM: So this coming Sunday, then, the Palm FM cricket team will be springing into action for the first time ever.  On the phones right now I’ve got the, I think, the captain of our opposing team, the Cavendish Cavaliers, Rich Blagden.  Good morning!

RB: Good morning Ben, how are you doing?

BM: I’m very well, thoroughly looking forward to Sunday.

RB: It should be super, the weather forecast is looking quite good I think, so yeah, and we’re all really excited about the prospect… playing such a big team as yourselves.

BM: *laughs* I don’t know about that.  Now you’re from the Cavendish Hotel, of course…

RB: We are, that’s right, yes.

BM: Tell us a bit more about your team and the players you’ve got and that kind of stuff.

RB: Erm, well, of course we’ve got a couple of seasoned ex-county pros that aren’t up to very much these days, so we’ve got those turning out for us [nervous laughter from Ben].  Couple of lads you might know from England as well, and bolstered by one or two staff from the hotel.  [More nervous laughter] No, it’s not like that at all…

BM: Phew!

RB: Sorry about that.  No’ we’re friends and family from the hotel.  we started at a barbecue last year, and we’re essentially just a bunch of ragamuffins who enjoy plicket… err… playing cricket.  None of us have ever played at any level – we just enjoy knocking a cricket ball around.  Our opening batsman last  year was 75, our opening bowler is nicknamed ‘Whaley’…

BM: ‘Whaley’?

RB: Yeah, that’s right, ‘Whaley’.

BM: I read somewhere, and I think this might be a bit of an exaggeration, that you said you were the worst cricket team in the world, is it?  Is that right?

RB: Yeah, thereabouts.  We’re certainly the worst in Devon; we haven’t spread our wings any further than that yet, but we’re the worst in Devon by a long jaunt, we reckon, in terms of ability at least.  We do like playing, we play with a good spirit, we like having a few pints afterwards, so in that respect I think we’re one of the best.  But ability-wise, yeah, we’re not up there very well.

BM: The main thing to as, I like to make sure when we play any cricket matches – do you guys put on a good tea?

RB: We are putting on a good tea, yes.  I don’t know if you know Jan at Barton but she does a superb tea.  She’s not going to be there, unfortunately, so we’re going to have to do our best.

BM: You’re a hotel!  So you should be able to put on good food!

RB: Yeah, we’re going to pull out a few stops hopefully, so there should be a very good tea.  I know tea is the most important thing, and we’re going to do our best to make it special.

BM: It’s a 30-over game on Sunday so we should be finished by around evening-time.  I don’t want to reveal too much about our line-up but, you know, we’re fairly confident.  What’s your win/loss record been like over the last year?  Have you won a lot of games?

RB: What’s a win?  How do you define that exactly?  We’ve lost every game we’ve played bar one, which was a draw against the Shaldon Optimists.  It was our first game and they very graciously batted out the last over to give us a draw.  They sort of helped us to a very nice total of 100 and then didn’t really chase it very much.  So we got a draw in our first game because of their generosity, but we’ve lost every one since.  We lost by 100 runs in our first game this season and by 70 last week, so… you’ve probably not go a lot to fear, to be fair.

BM: Well, we shall see, we shall see.  It’s going to be a lot of fun; 2.30 start at Barton, and we’re going to be raising money for the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, yeah?

RB: That’s right, yeah, absolutely, we wnated to raise some money for a local charity while we were playing and we thought Torbay and Countryside Trust do a lot of good work.  So anybody who wanted to come along, chip some money into the kitty and watch the game – they’ll be very welcome.

BM: As I’ve been saying all week long I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of great cricket, but if you fancy a laugh it’s definitely going to be worth coming in for, isn’t it?

RB: Absolutely.  And you’re not going to see a lot of great cricket from our side, to be honest with you.

BM: Rich, look forward to seeing you Sunday.

RB: Yeah, it’s going to be great.  Thanks a lot, Ben!